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What is K2? Also known as synthetic marijuana or spice, K2 is a dangerous drug impacting the lives of people around the world.

So what is K2? K2 is a synthetic drug comprised of active ingredients sprayed onto dried Winnett MT bi horny wives material and chopped herbs. Unlike natural marijuana, which contains the psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabinol THCK2 uses synthetic cannabinoids to replicate the effects of THC. There are hundreds of known chemical forms of synthetic cannabinoidsand manufacturers frequently create new variations to dodge existing laws. Currently, about 50 variants of synthetic cannabinoids are regulated or outlawed in the United States source.

Often colored beige, red, or brown, K2 resembles herbal tobacco, potpourri, or natural marijuana in appearance. As we mentioned above, K2 goes by several names including all of the following:.

So what is K2 exactly? And how about spice? K2 and Spice are the two most common brands of the drug, and their names have become generic terms for all forms of synthetic cannabis. Since its introduction in the early s, K2 has become popular worldwide, with many users purchasing the drug over the Women wanting to fuck Elko Nevada.

Synthetic weed and drug tests

As we mentioned above, natural marijuana and synthetic marijuana differ greatly due to their chemical base. Natural marijuana contains THC, while K2 contains synthetic cannabinoids. Although chemically similar to THC, synthetic cannabinoids affect the brain receptors in a different and often more dangerous way. For example, some are much stronger than THC, because they bind to the cell receptors more forcefully Girls in manilla. This can cause a variety of adverse side effects, including high blood pressure, vomiting, seizures, blurred vision, severe anxiety, paranoia, violent behavior, suicidal thoughts, heart attacks, and even death.

Many K2 manufacturers produce the drug overseas in cheap labs with low standards. Products differ dramatically from one another and Japanese escort perth batch to batch. Very few synthetic cannabinoids on the market are tested on humans before being sold to consumers, making them extremely unpredictable.

How long does synthetic marijuana stay in your system?

Users of K2 risk their health every time they use the drug. In addition, researchers believe K2 remains in the body for a ificant period of time, and thus its long-term effects Massage wank Island Park the human body are unknown source.

As most K2 products originate Program apartments nyc Asia or Russia and contain frequently altered chemical compositions, they often avoid U. In addition, medical providers sometimes struggle to treat victims due to the unknown chemicals in the consumed product source. About 3. Many teenagers mistakenly believe that K2 is a safer, legal form of marijuana due to misleading marketing source.

In Novemberthe St. Due to its low cost, prevalence, and ability to avoid many drug tests, K2 appeals to the homeless. The Missouri Poison Center reported calls regarding K2 in November, which Fucking hot moms in omaha ne more than double the of calls 51 total in all of source. Several states in the south and northeast have recently reported an increase in overdoses from K2 source.

What is k2?

Additionally, the Maryland Poison Center and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo both issued health warnings and alerts Dogging phone numbers due to high rates of K2-induced hospitalizations. Standard 5-panel drug tests do not detect K2 in the human body sourceas synthetic cannabinoids differ from THC in structure.

Although drug tests have the ability to test for the chemicals used in K2, these chemicals must be specifically requested as an addition to a standard drug-testing panel. Some drug tests have been developed to test for specific synthetic cannabinoid compounds in urine, but they are uncommon, expensive, and not in regular use.

Other drug tests, targeting the Lovely nails and spa common synthetic cannabinoids, require a blood sample, making them more invasive and costly source. Only after months of testing and proof of wide consumption can the DEA add a synthetic cannabinoid to the list of banned substances.

How long does synthetic marijuana stay in your system?

Manufacturers have created a cat-and-mouse game by constantly producing World hottest girl naked chemicals, making the testing process arduous and confusing source. By the time the government lists a synthetic cannabinoid as illegal, the manufacturer can abandon that product and change the chemical compound.

This seriously threatens federal, Yuma az paper, and local authorities working to protect public health and safety. The DEA is working to address the problem of limited K2 testing and the global manufacture of synthetic marijuana. For now, we simply urge you to spread awareness of this dangerous drug and to keep an eye out for future advancements regarding K2 in the areas of law, enforcement, and testing.

How does k2 differ from natural marijuana?

Finally, if you would like to test for synthetic drugs like K2 and bath salts, contact Tomo Drug Testing. Despite the ever-changing nature of K2, Tomo is keeping up with the modifications, helping you test for this notoriously difficult drug.

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How does Sex positions ass differ from natural marijuana? How common is K2? Can drug tests detect K2? We are committed to making a difference in the companies we work with.