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Painkillers are a category of natural and semisynthetic substances that are derived from the opium poppy plant.

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When overcoming a serious injury or recovering from major surgery, prescription painkillers can provide short-term pain relief. Alongside numbing pain, they give a sense of relaxed euphoria.

This sensation, alongside the addictive nature of these drugs can quickly lead to a Drug testing methods addiction. If you are worried that you or someone you are close to has a painkiller addiction, common s and symptoms of dependency include:.

When someone has a painkiller addiction, they are less likely to experience the associated high, as they have built up a tolerance to the drug and need it in order to function. They may also experience withdrawal symptoms if they try to cut down or stop taking the drug when they are physically dependent on it.

s of drug withdrawal can include stomach cramps, Best africa sex and bone pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and flu-like symptoms. A painkiller addiction can cause someone to develop liver and kidney damage as well as have seizures. When someone becomes addicted and builds up a tolerance to painkillers, they are also likely to take higher doses. These high doses can lead to respiratory depression, where breathing slows down, heart rate drops and blood pressure falls.

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This dangerous effect can cause the person to stop breathing or go into a coma. Higher doses also come with a risk of overdose, which can cause respiratory failure.

Undergoing a detoxification as a result of a painkiller addiction also has associated risks, which make withdrawing with medical support extremely important. With a high risk of seizure, increased levels of anxiety and a longer detox time, it is important that the process is managed by a medical professional.

Your GP may refer you for expert treatment at Priory. At Priory, we have several types of treatment for prescription drug addiction.

People who attend our addiction treatment programme will also receive 12 months Dating chat site free free aftercare as well as a detailed post-treatment care plan, while those who attend Priory Roehampton or The Manor Clinic receive free aftercare for life, to help people continue their life free from prescription painkillers. For professionals looking to make a referral, please.

Painkiller addiction - s, symptoms and next steps.

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