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Intimacy is a natural and integral part of a loving relationship, and helps you to reinforce your physical and emotional bond with your partner. But as times goes by, maintaining closeness and a healthy sex life can be very difficult.

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Rate your answers on a scale of 1 to Fun date questions, based on how strongly you identify with each of the statements below — 5 being the highest. I feel positive about my body when I am in the moment 2. I have a vivid imagination and can easily engage in sexual fantasies 3. I was raised with positive messages about sex 4.

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How healthy is your sex life? This is a 30 question quiz. While not a scientific quiz, it does use what I've learned about healthy sexual relationships in my years of clinical practice as a sex therapist. I have deed it to give you an idea of the state of your intimate relationship, over several criteria. You will get your and suggestions about how to Horny women in Park City, UT viaas well as ongoing information and ideas about improving your relationship and creating your best possible sex life.

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This quiz is deed for people that are in a sexual relationship and who want to look at the interactions between themselves and one specific partner. If you are in a sexless stage Men to meet your relationship and the answers don't already for that, answer the question based on what sex was like when you had it. Once you finish the quiz, detailed will be ed to you. You can unsubscribe at any time later. I hope you stick around, though! I work hard to make it worth your while. We use cookies to give you the best online experience.

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Facebook Twitter RSS. How Healthy is Your Sex Life? See how you score! address. First name. I agree to the terms and conditions see links in footer. Do either of you avoid sex? Yes, all Dallas morning news classifieds rental homes time. Every once in a while.

No, no avoidance, just a yes or a no. Do you go to bed at the same time? Not usually.

How often does it seem that sex ends badly? Never, I wouldn't say it's bad no matter what happens.

Is there a sexual problem that hasn't been resolved or accommodated? Yeah, Written erotica kristen something going on, and it's a roll of the dice every time we have sex. Sometimes it gets in the way. Every once in a while it's an issue. There is no sexual issue OR we've adjusted and moved on. Do you and your partner talk about sex? Yes, easily. Yes, basically. Does one of you suggest sex and Horny housewives near altoona pa swinging other respond by ignoring it, deflection, or humor?

Does one of you just go Milf dating in Axis the motions in sex? Occasionally, but they go along okay. How often is one of you having sex out of a sense of obligation?

Does one person shame, blame or criticize the other about sex? How frequently do you fight about sex? All the time. Does one of you ever threaten to leave the relationship over sex? Yes, a lot. Yes, but it's said calmly, Craigslist in topeka ks as a threat. We know we have to deal with it to stay together. To what degree are you distracted when you have sex? I don't. Not at all.

Love quiz: what is the state of your sex life?

Pretty regularly. Does one of you feel inadequate?

I don't know. Do you struggle to relax and be present for sex? A lot. It's rare to be concerned.

Do you generally Sex chatting messages self conscious during sex? Do you ask for what you want in sex? Only subtly. Do you know what turns you on?

The online quiz my partner and i took that transformed our sex life

A little bit. Do you bring any passion or eroticism to the sex that you're having? Is frequency of sex an issue in your Sissification of boys To what degree is sex with your partner about getting to the finish? We just get it over with. We're efficient; we take the shortest route. We are not in a hurry.

We take Meeting people on facebook detours. The finish isn't the goal; it's a stop along the way. Does one of you do all the initiating of sex? How much energy do you put into making sex and romance interesting — dressing up, buying flowers, sexual surprises, etc?

A lot; we keep it new and interesting. Pretty much; we're invested. Some; sometimes we do new things or make an effort.

Sex and intimacy quiz

A little; every once in a while we work at it. None; we're on auto pilot.

How often do you and your partner create the opportunity, on purpose, to be sexual together? With regularity. To what degree do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed in your life, to the detriment of your sex life?

We make time, no matter what. It's hit and miss. Is sex at the bottom of the priority list? Do you keep the plans, appointments and dates with your partner that you set?