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Over the years, it has been hailed as one of the greatest trance songs of all time, over a decade after its initial release. The original album version and subsequent radio edit of the song had a much slower tempo than the more well-known remixes and was essentially structured like a pop songwith the characteristic synthetic instrumentation of the Houses for rent sgv melodic side of ambient music — though including darker overtones, such as the prominently featured Gregorian chant Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Although the original song did receive Canadian radio airplay init was not released as a Traverse city personals untiltwo Naked straight men sex after the release of Karmathough it was only the Airscape Remix which received airplay at this time, rather than the more downtempo original version.

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Lyrics submitted by faust. Log in now to tell us what you think this Erotic mugshots com means. Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Silence Delerium 44 Comments 0 Tags.

Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Silence song meanings.

Silence (delerium)

Add Your Thoughts 44 Comments. Houses to rent linton Interpretation I have to wonder whether a lot of people have heard the original version of this song from the album, "Karma".

The original version of the song is MUCH darker than any of the remixes save maybe Fade's Sanctuary mix, which was, I believe, the first remix ever done of this song. Taken in the context of a club remix, the track loses a lot of its darkness, bleakness, despair and rage. The themes Hook up adapter halfords a little less depressing when the vox and lyrics are set to an upbeat, faster tempo remix.

Even the Tiesto who I am a huge fan of remix is at times loud and obnoxious. I'll give him credit though, I think he captured a lot of the darkness of the original, but in also trying to capture the power, he used volume rather than letting Sarah McLachlan's voice do the silence. As Lgbt friendly dating sites said, I think the Sanctuary mix by Fade is probably the best mix of all that have been done.

Now, as far as lyric goes, if you take the song in the context of the original, I think the themes are extremely sinister. For a long time, I interpreted them as having to do with drugs, and I still believe they can be looked at that way, but the more I really pay attention, I am really coming to think that the song is about severe depression and suicide, and the desperation of just simply needing Bethesda OH cheating wives be SEEN for who and what we really are, instead of the masks we hide behind that conceal our deepest fears and bleakest feelings.

I lost my father-in-law to suicide earlier this year, and I think that may have been the catalyst that changed my perspective about this song. The lyrics are so sad, so desperate, begging for a release from the pain of living- whether that means actual physical death, or some kind of way to just release all the building pressure and darkness within. I think the character Sarah McLachlan is singing from has reached a crossro: she can no longer deal with what's going on in her mind, so she has two choices: Reaching out for believe, whether that's this her idea of God, or simply from another person.

The alternative for her is ending her own life. I think we've all been where she is at one point or another in our lives, when we have this internal dialogue going on with the universe, or God, or simply ourselves She's outside of herself looking in, the sole being in her dark world.

She feels invisible, and is begging for someone to see her Witness me. She has lived her life always striving to Nsa fun mean loved and accepted, making herself beautiful on the outside, but as beautiful as the mask she wears is, she is crumbling and disintegrating inside.

She's longing for death, and wants nothing more than for someone to just SEE her, and recognize what she's going through. She's never told anyone about the darkness, and has always been able to hide it so well, but she knows if someone actually SAW her, and was able to make her open up just a little bit, there's no way she'd ever be able to keep it all bottled up inside anymore and feel like she has to continue to deal with it alone.

Silence songtext

It would be like opening a flood gate, but in order to do that, she needs someone to pull the pin and open the door. I think the 'white wave' represents death itself.

She's letting it wash over her and she is finally set free from her pain. In death, she finally catches a glimpse of Pug puppies for adoption in los angeles person she desperately wanted to become: happy, at peace, and living the life she always wanted. That image of herself has finally appeared. She has accepted that the fight is over, and she's finally laid down her sword and is succumbing to the only thing she knows will give her the peace she could never find anywhere else.

There was an error. That's a eloquent and compelling argument.

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I've often thought of this song as you do, pretty much to the letter. One teeny thing, however Simply because of the elegance and straight out powerful breakdowns and builds. Its as emotional as the words themselves. Its rare when that combination actually happens. ReneeBoy on February 19, General Comment The latin at Random online dating sites beginning already proposes that the person believes in Jesus, and is religious.

I am outside- Her spirit is outside of her Geography worksheets 5th grade, and she is stuck between life and death. Passion chokes the flower till she cries no more- Cigarettes her passion slowly choked her to death. She was fragile, like the flower. In this white wave I am sinking, in this silence- She is dying and being overwhelmed with this bright light.

In this white wave, in this silence I believe- She believes she will go to heaven. I have seen you in this Dads against daughters dating car decals wave, you are silent You are breathing Love in little petherick this white wave I am free She finally sees God in the white light of silence.

She finally finds peace and freedom. Anchi on August 05, Link. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment This song is about the inner peace you are granted when there is nothing left to hold onto anymore; the final straw, the forced acceptance, the inner strength reserved for utmost despair comes alive Miss Mess on June 19, Link.

Miss Mess. General This I think it is amazing how the Tiesto Remix can give these lyrics such a different meaning. The Original Delerium song sounds like depression and a longing for release from the frustration of life. While in the Tiesto version it gives the Pick up girls in delhi of an emotional release. Both very different and very good SixofSpades on February 19, Link. When she got sick, she became like a flower- unable to do anything about it, run away from it or fight it.

Just standing still and powerless, waiting for the torment to finaly take the course. And not only for a moment, but for the uncertain period of time. Anchi on August Hot looking casual sex Shawano, Link. Song Meaning My grandmother worte this song Not long after she found she had silence cancer she finished it rite in time b4 she was to bad to do anything and she believed it somewhere to see if she can get and artits to make it happen and they said ok but would never ever do aything with it but kept tell her it takes alot of time to get started but they were deffnently going to do it.

Yep she died before they did it and rite after they made song never once said that the SONG was written by her sad but true so i can tell extally what the lyric is saying;;;;;;give me release witness me i am outside give me peace she is askin god to release her from her sick body and witnenesss her meaning judge me Looking Real Sex NY Copake 12516 she belives in jesus!!! Rage meaning pain very bad pain. I think this totally matches with what she is singing about.

Anchi on August 06, I always felt it was about somebody considering considering suicide and it had been discussed a of times with friends as a misunderstood song. Thanks you so much for commenting.

I never expected to find a explanation. Your grandmothers words have touched many and her legacy will How to get a good self esteem on. Godboy on August 22, General Comment The song's disclosure covers: -- Desire for identity and peace -- Suppressed voracity -- Fervor, but disconnection for and from euphoria -- Desperation -- Liberation, or deterioration The connotations can be religious. However, I would suggest that they lyrics are more desperate for faith - in anything that the writer can say she is proud of.

Heaven is the longing reverie of her desires, and it does not exist to her while her rage cannot subside, which she believes will not.

Ähnliche songtexte

Whether Heaven be a dream in substitution for reality, or a religious one. Whatever she is, or has been, can succumb to this "white wave" she can finally believe that a concept like euphoria or compassion exists.

The color white can be associated with death and or purity. Death doesn't discerns, but doesn't discriminate.

You are, at least, accepted. With purity, it can symbolize a spiritual or religious notion that is Bible help verses ambiguous. The song is is passionate, potent, independent, daunting but relieving.

Pulpapple on September 11, Link. Song Meaning The song's disclosure covers: -- Desire for identity and peace -- Suppressed voracity -- Fervor, but disconnection for and from euphoria -- Desperation -- Liberation, or deterioration Sorry for the second post below, I Bielefeld fuck buddy to make corrections The connotations can be religious.