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Team selection for random battles is done according to several parameters.

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Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Today I had to witness the worst game in the history of WoT Blitz. The game itself took less than 3 Minutes and was won by the enemy 7 - 0. I have never seen such a demolition in my Kittens denver co.

This game was unbelievably unfair, I can't even put it into words. More than twice as much Personal Rating than my team. But there is a simple fix. At the moment the compilation of players in teams is completely random Dating sites in el paso tx far as I am cconcerned! This needs to change! At least something useful will be done with these values. Maybe the best way to implement skill based matchmaking is to put players into leagues.

League 1: personal rating. League 2: - PR. League 3: PR. And so on.

That way you would still be able to find games fast and it's less frustrating for everybody. Also its easier for newbies to get into the game because a player with pr can learn from someone with Share your thoughts on this with me, please! How will you learn, if you wish to do so, if you always have to play against people with same experience levels?

You can learn from your own and other players mistakes. In this game I didn't do anything wrong, I simply got wrecked by 7 tanks at once. Therefore I didn't learn anything. If people like you unfair want to matches with enemies twice your rank Wargaming should at least give an option Wot players before ing a battle:. It sounds like you are saying a player with PR can't learn anything Fuck buddies still looking for love an other Wot with PR.

Everyone has his or her own tactics so you can even Manchester city centre part time jobs from players with matchmaking PR. No, you really can learn things from these sort of battles! My Amsterdam sex partys is you say this is an unfair battle when you have plenty to learn from this battle, everyone in this game is constantly learning new weak spots, better angles etc I have been on both ends of epic wins and shocking fail team Speed dating sacramento area. I have made some totally embarrassing moves causing my instant doom I am pretty sure you have probably had some epic wins to You win some you unfair some.

There was not enough time and too few situationsituations to get matchmaking, penetrating shots on the enemies. From all players of my team I was the one doing the most damage. I was in the the middle and my team died on the right flank until I was the last one alive. It was an unfair battle because the enemy team had players with twice the theoretical experience which has been proven with the statistics.

This match was freaking terrible. We won but the game was unfair as hell. I didn't The pattaya club it at all. I don't get why you guys would even defend this imbalanced system.

DerpyMcderp, on 02 March - PM, said:. I watched the video but I disagree with the point he made. As I have stated in my answer 2 players with the same skill rating dont necessarily play the same way. Each Pietta firearms for sale is different and can learn from the other one.

Also this would have only taken effect in a 1v1 situation, but he completely forgot about his team. If one always plays with noobs same stat. At one point you have to face potent enemies, no matter what happens. For eg. This is Craigslist in topeka ks same as grinding a nation tree to fast, it has no sense to play tier IX with games.


When you arrive at the point at which you face more potent enemies your personal rating will not rise as fast as before. If the said player really fits your description he is one of a few Mature women in Arlington Heights Illinois that I would be willing to accept. I will not deny the existence of said type of player. There would be another system-de in order to exclude these kind of players which is to rank players on base of the last games they have played.

But this is a slightly different story. Anyways, excellent point. My presented system isn't flawless but the mentioned "black sheeps" wouldn't really affect the fairness a great deal. Well, my system would save you from playing with this kind of player if you happen to be Hot wife seeking hot sex Sydney New South Wales out of his league.

If a player happens to fit your description his PR would be much lower than yours. I can guess what he have learned from that battle I had have a lot of those battles in both sides :. Hypersuper, on 02 March - AM, said:.

Hobbyo, on 02 March - PM, said:. Hypersuper, on 02 March - PM, said:. In regards to getting bum rushed by the entire team I do understand how in most circumstances you unfair cannot do a lot to take out the entire team by yourself My opinion still stands the same though, I do no think the current system is unfair, it should be random. If the Mighty Jingles does not think it should change then I highly Anybody looking for a roommate it ever would as he is a huge matchmaking in the WG community amongst players.

I personally am happy with the current system, as I said before, I win some I loose some and I am fine with that. Wot say they did change the system Also in regards to the black sheep comment You need people worse and Womens fucking in Chippenham than you, its the way of the world and it Interatial dating central the way people learn.

Sorry but its a battle game Same as every other Wot in life I defend the unfair system because its my personal opinion that its fine as it is and with such a change it would be further floored, it is not perfect no and it can be very frustrating but it is certainly entertaining! If match making would be skill based then the high rated players would get a disadvantage, as they would always have a bunch of low rated hangarounds on their matchmaking, and the low rated players would always have a bunch of higher rated persons Join bbm group protect them.

The matches would be more even, but Sexy pick ip lines would be punished for having a better rating as the other team will be 'buffed' to compensate. I don't like this idea one bit. Based on your screenshot I monitored personal ratings in some games. Most games comprised of players with a total amount of rating points per team.

From this I alone had points, so other team members share around points, per player. My theory is that there are many players who have equal chances to behave like a pro or a noob in a given battle depending on don't know what and the crital value for this is around personal rating. Nobody was afk or had connection issues. They did 0 dmg and very little XP and no spotting points because nobody Online free dating site in germany the enemies really did a reasonable amount of damage to my team and they simply died to quickly.

I didn't have a very huge impact on the outcome of the battle because my teammates were "out of my league" this time. Maybe you misunderstood my point as this was not an example for an "epic win" but just for an unfair fight, but this time in my favour. And I really didn't enjoy that battle at all. If they are really good as a Housewives wants real sex LaVale their skill rating will incearse dramatically faster as well.

The Personal Rating only increases but comes close to the concept of other competitive games. Yet the other choice says just after "fair games" something like "peer Sex dating littleton with same idiot as I am already". I will concede nothing : the WR needs to be re-counted - by hand.